Abuse generally comes in different forms and financial abuse is common and more restrictive. It can occur all, female or male. The truth is that most of the women suffer from certain decisions of a partner without understanding or knowing her doings. The financial abuse is a type of family or domestic abuse. The abusive partner may stop women from having any control over their money as the path of striving to exert the control over her. The financially-abusive partner may also physically aggressive, but this condition is not constantly the case.   This kind of abuse in a domestic environment if it is escorted by physical violence of aggression can leave women feeling isolated, trapped and lacking in self-confidence. The finance abuse includes:

  • Running up the debt in the name of women
  • Controlling the bank account
  • Stopping women from getting a job
  • Making women ask her partner for money
  • Making women hand over their benefits of wages
  • Demanding, stealing or taking cash from women
  • Not letting women invest money on themselves or her children

We Protect women from financial abuse

Women globally are increasingly abused and denied access to basic rights, sources and power, so our Diva Enterprise has developed with an aim to enhance the women’s lives by advancing the participation, rights, and equality of women in the decision-making process. The main purpose of our team is to assist enhance both the education as well as a blend of efforts of every community-based assistance. The goal of Diva Enterprise is to give women’s financial protection for eliminating the probability of abuse. Our team always believe assisting and empowering women to gain freedom in the financial part of their lives. Apart from that, we will also give back several choices and build benefits of the future generations. Our team also creates the connectivity for women in the requirement of any outreach service which is language or multicultural specific by aiding to bond with a financial support they need.

Our specialties

We intend for creating several opportunities for female through the introduction of many sustainable projects for reducing the big gap between people with various initiatives. It includes affordable housing, FEMD, banking beyond men, L.I.F.E Blueprint and much more. Our enterprise has a team of professionals contributes individual finances into our Diva concept. We also try hard to launch a perfect framework which will produce the revenue stream. These are the specialized features of our team that will enable our team to facilitate our projects and programs which will surely form part of an excellent social enterprise.

Ultimate wishes of diva

Our team works effectively to eliminate the financial abuse. For reaching our goal, you educate women as well as provide the L.I.F.E Blueprints for both the lipstick strategies and general application. These are essential resources that help women to get rid of financial abuse. We also encourage the future generation and women to trust in themselves. Moreover, our team shows women how to protect themselves from any unforeseen things so that they can be everything they want.