How do you rate these types of DEBT?

Credit cards – Highest Debt trap (7)

Instant Gratification (Emotional)

 Car Loan – Debt magnet

With so many car yards giving loans to teens that do not have the experience or worse still have already been black listed (Bad Credit Score-Don’t Worry We’ll keep you in Debt)

Temptation and Illusion (Emotional)

Mortgages – Potential savings and investment

A necessity that is used as a tool to increase the funding business (BANKS)

This DEBT allows the possibility of over extending and committing in order to attain a dream home, without complete knowledge of the consequences.

During the House hunting process we actually step up to stand in line for a rollercoaster ride. If you are not prepared and aware you could end up in the Haunted House due to the DEBT you signed up for.

Excitement Fear Frustration Manipulation Denial Happiness Dependency Trust

Self Doubt Anticipation Anxiety

(Emotional Cocktail that is non alcoholic but lethal)

Personal – Is it a necessity?

Personal Debt is an add-on for a number of reasons- Holidays-Cars-Items-Assisting other DEBT repayments

Do you need them?

Instant Gratification/Relief (Emotional)


Emotional DEBT – The most costly of all debts

With the current situation in Australia and also the financial events around the GLOBE the greatest DEBT is the emotional withdrawals from everyone in DEBT without Deposit of security and only feeding more DOUBT.

When we are approved for finance there is a sense of Relief, Satisfaction and Accomplishment that cam be short lived. Fear can take over at the first sign of hardship and lets face it LIFE happens.

DIVA L.I.F.E shows you how to use the resources we all have but somehow ignore and at times do not even know we have or allowed to use.

Everything is SOLVABLE and we guide you through life but leave you with Tool in your Makeup Bag and not just concealers and cover ups.

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