Equality of females in construction

Divas can do anything once they put their minds to it, because we are brilliant and extremely innovative thinkers – traits that are required in businesses.

Moreover, we need more women entrepreneurs in the Construction Industry (Construction Modules). A business protection kit is provided for your convenience, so you can get used to a life you love with loyal friends and family by your side and a Business you’ll be proud of and have fun running, with the respect and equality you demand! You will get to know about different aspects of running a company so you can channel your ideas into a concrete venture (Opps!) With capital raising and financial strategies to make it happen, longer! Trade Divas have a lot of stamina and gumption, which we teach them to fuel into the business, nurture it, and build it up into a solid entity.

Once you have established a credible enterprise, with our tailored packages we show you what others won’t. Our Business Health Checks provide you with the ‘What‐U‐Need’ approach to make it happen!

Tradie Divas prepares you completely and provides the tools for your Classy Tool bag:
  • Structure ‐ Best Solution for your Trade

  • Biz Development Guide

  • Obligations

  • Making the ATO your IP… incentive provider!

  • Avoiding the Terminator (even if he looks hot!)

  • Insurance and Asset Protection (U‐Included)

  • WTF S.H.I.T Detector

  • Landing the job – and avoiding the bad boyfriend syndrome!

  • Employing staff

  • Avoiding Accounting Stress – S.O.P Included

  • Profits and more money for holidays

  • Forget‐U‐Not’s

  • U‐Can Spread the love Modules

  • SMSF  – So Much Security Forever! (Ok, it’s all about Super this… ones works!)

Now you can sustain the profits, keep increasing margins, and implement other ideas. We make it happen and you can always trust us because we’ve been there and done it in awesome heels!