Family Environment Melt Down

Family Environment Melt Down is how we described the issues of diverse family situation that can end in divorce or even worse. Unfortunately the increase in domestic violence is turning into an epidemic. Abuse comes in all shapes and sizes and usually by someone you know or even worse, love.

We understand that Abuse is Abuse no matter what category it’s labeled, financial and emotional abuse unfortunately, is usually the first form of abuse and it is here that the centre will be more effective. Dealing with the problem before it escalates to Violence.

At the centre women will be able to find the right source of comfort to enable them to prepare for a decision and change that is generally the toughest one she will have to take. We supply her with the survival strategies and tools she needs to rebuild herself and her life. Making that first step less frightening.

Be part of a unique Healing haven designed to support and asset with the most integral part of survival, and that is healing first, empowering the person to tackle the unknowns in L.I.F.E!