Affordable Housing Sydney

Making a Change that will impact lives

Through the establishment of a united relationship between the government, a group of construction companies and/or home builders and our own banking facility, we intend to help disadvantaged women gain financial independence and self-worth through a home ownership program that won’t require them to live in traditional housing commission areas.

Divas United will asset towards the development of the project.

Housing affordability is one of the major factors that women remain in their hostile environments; therefore we aim to reconstruct the typical culture of social housing. Making a Change that will impact the lives of many.

Along with Divine Housing Estates to be rolled out by 2017. These estates will not encumber the current facilities. We aim to provide a community based safe haven for women and children. With transitional accommodation and opportunities for more long term solutions. Providing various facilities within the gated estate. These are to be rolled out to all suburbs, something that has not been available, providing safer solutions rather than the current prospects of refuge.