Here is a mandate to:

“Stop competing and start respecting” mandate!

When Diva’s Unite it is to expose women to the information and infrastructure that they lack. And guess what? …we do it with Style xo

For centuries women have continually be discriminated against, yet we all come together in diversity. Undoubtedly, when we ‘end’ the unfairness of inequality, we can reduce the effects of abuse!

Diva aims to eliminate Abuse and help minimise the inequality amongst FE/MALES! This is a problem that has been around since the dawn of Man. Although it may appear to be improving, it is obvious that the issue is still of concern; as many women continue to be exploited and not heard in every aspect of life! So many women continue to accept the discrimination in fear of job loss, humiliation and further hardship. The good news is there are lasting solutions, no matter what environment you are in. It is a matter of belief and knowledge.

  • To Empower and Educate females to protect themselves in all aspects of their lives from physical to financial.
  • Provide females with L.I.F.E (Love.Identity.Finance.Emotion) Blueprints for general application.
  • Provide women in business Lipstick Strategies that remove the makeup previously worn and replace it with an empowering fresh outlook, which helps guide them with building their business or care and protecting their empire.
  • Encourage future generations to believe in themselves by making an abundance of choices available to them, ensuring they know what you need to know and understand what you don’t!

Beyond the crusade of being an entrepreneur or a businesswoman, we want to show you how to protect yourself from the unforeseen so that you can be and do anything you want!

As a woman, it’s vital that you always wake up in your own dreams and not in someone else’s nightmare.

We aim to implement a ‘Stop’, competing and ‘Start’ respecting, policy. So that we create a harmonious  and equal existence for the next generation.

The answer may be as simple as treating others as you would want to be treated. Yes, it is cliché. However it is indeed true. A controlling and domineering mentality has spread throughout many generations, and the discrimination has almost become a sacred tradition. Unfortunately, these have become a major cause of concern in every industry and continues to do so despite many attempts to alter the situation and make a positive change.

Coming from a male dominated industry has given both Mel and Enisa the determination and the feeling of constantly needing to improve. Having to compete all the time, not only with associates but competing to win the internal battle.

It needs to END. It has to stop NOW! The only difference is that our assets are exposed, vulnerable and continually compared.

Now conquerors of many challenges, the Diva’s will share their stories and knowledge to create a defining influence and reestablish the true meaning of DIVA – Bringing out the Goddess in all females.

We are convinced that when we ‘stop competing (other than in the sporting arena) and start respecting,’ then we will end discrimination!

A lot of changes must be made. We want to start by making women understand that they have choices, which includes the Right to Live the life they want and deserve! 

Diva intends to create opportunities for women and children through the establishment of sustainable projects to minimise the gap between us (men & women) with initiatives such as: