Banking is it like flying- except you got into an airbus when you were offered a Jumbo747!

Can we compare finance & banking like sitting in a plane and all you do is waiting for the pre packaged snacks to come around, you wait to see what is offered and very rarely do you knock it back. You take what you’re given after the queuing, waiting and time pressure. These extras are provided and especially when it’s free, it’s the only thing you have to look forward to on a journey you cannot get off in mid air!

If you are fortunate to be in Business class you’re treated that little bit extra special, but when you end up in a place that basically accommodates everyone the same, you feel ripped off! You know the Airbus that separated Business and economy with nothing but a curtain?

You did not sign up for this. You paid the extra fee; you were promised friendly service and would be considered a priority customer.

But you are misguided into a false sense of security as the captain announces that the turbulence will cause extreme discomfort. Go back to where you came from and fasten your seat belts; you are now officially a number. Everyone is treated the same as the extra staff that is generally at the front of the plane now scatters around making sure the cabin is prepared to have the exit doors opened and everyone is pushed out – where is your special parachute? The assurance you were promised when signing up for this, ‘it was going to be fine, and we’re here to look after you.’

As you are left feeling ripped off you fear that somehow you should have been treated differently as you now prepare to lose everything. You know the captain and the crew; they were your friends previously…what happened?

You didn’t read the fine print! That is what happened. You did not really understand the true terminology of the print words and really did not considerate that important. You knew the captain; it was sure to be a safe flight. You even got the special cutlery unlike everyone else. You had the friendly crew concerned for your welfare; unlike they were with everyone else on this aircraft. You received the drink on arrival. (Celebration of what’s to come)

You see the plane is part of a fleet of many and the airline doesn’t take responsibility.

In fact you actually waiver your rights and hand over your life in the hands of strangers. The ones that now hold the power and can do, as they like to save themselves, because they follow their internal procedures. The frustration here will be that no one can prove that they mislead you and gave you a faulty life jacket as you are pushed out the door into a sea of darkness and despair.

Then your other concern is the sharks waiting for you to fall…!