Warning: This Publication is not the original Code of Practice,

First published by the Australian Bankers’ Association in August 2003…

Nothing much has been amended to hold the Human beings in position of power, accountable for the Financial Abuse driven by EGO & Greed.

Now all you should know, Not what has been told to you can be told as it is and not sugar coated. Don’t sign anything again without knowing the Ugly Truth. Never be afraid to stand up for your own LIFE. There is HOPE even when you are declared Voiceless.

Depicted from the actual Code of Practice. No offence to anyone in the Banking Sector. It contradicts the guidelines that have been written with the actual actions of the employee…

It is what it is and no businesses of this magnitude can mange the human behavior of their staff, especially when they too are but a number in the scheme of things.

We are dealing with toffee apples; Rotten Apples coated and camouflaged by the system.

After years of dealing with not only my own battles within the Banking System, I have dedicated years in many battles along side the Voiceless Victims that have been Abused by People in Positions of Power (PPP System of Abuser) Every situation differed but was ultimately the same outcome, loss of homes, dignity and sadly some lives; a number of decisions that were made had been overturned but the battle for fairness continues. All this was great apart from the fact the emotional element remained violated even after the acknowledgement of abuse by reaching a settlement that made it even more evident. The pain so real even though the relief and tears were a mixture of emotions that were never dealt with as the battle and burden of proof lingered. Having your entire life destroyed with a stoke of a pen, is torturous when you are left bewildered and then questioning, how the situation ever came to be?

It’s almost like drinking with a trusted friend and you become intoxicated within his environment. You trust that you are in safe hands and then in the morning you experience the worst hangover as you memory becomes vague…what just happened? You question your every move, every conversation as you discover you had been violated by this trusting person. He was no gentleman; he had no integrity and concealed his true motives as he led you to what others perceive as your own doing…self-inflicted demise. (You signed up for this, regardless of the circumstance)

It’s really that bad and there is no nice way of putting it or teaching it.

Money is one word that some fear, others yearn for or avoid and some love. It brings out the worst and best in people; it creates wars and dictates poverty. Ultimately it can also discriminate. So far I have worked on a number of varying stories where the banker has taken advantage of the customer by using his position of power to manipulate and benefit him and others. The results speak for themselves. Now we all need to really listen to the words we read because although you may believe it will never happen to you, one day it just might, given that the actions we are endorsing are a cycle. It all comes around full circle and we should be prepared especially when we have observed, experienced and overcome the booms (explosions) and bubbles (false economy) many times over. History keeps repeating.

           The Code states that it “is a voluntary code of conduct which sets standards of good banking practice for us to follow when dealing with persons who are, or who may become, our individual and small business customers and their guarantors.”

It all depends on the nature of the Bad Apple – Not all bankers are Bad Apples, let us be clear on this – there is good and bad in everyone and not all of us use our positions to Abuse another human being!

For this purpose we are only speaking (writing) of the Bad Apples just to clarify the percentage quoted by senior management of a Bank of 1% – it’s more but even when I humoured him it’s 1% too many given the extent of our indebtedness to banks!

There is good, bad and as I say indifferent in all of us, but to become a Bad Apple you had to have a rotten seed planted for it to grow. Get your copy now.