Anything is possible if you allow yourself to be greater than yourself.

No I haven’t had a drink…only 3 coffees and a healthy mixed berry juice as I sit in an Italian Café in London. I had passed Regent Street, many times before but now realize that it is so different compared to the Monopoly Board Game…cannot wait to go to Park lane and Mayfair after going past Kings cross.

Seriously anything is possible if only we believe in ourselves whilst acknowledging our fear, giving it the respect it deserves (let’s face it, it’s part of us, our emotion and we are great) and doing it anyway only this time realizing that our fear can actually be our incentive to dare to do it!

Coming from a volatile beginning I always feared what would happen if my environment changed. How was I to provide for my children much less raise them and guide them to their own destinies? Without scarring them and attempting to break a cycle. Not only my own but the generation of women from all sides of my family. Fear and more Fear.

However here I am in London waiting for my baby girl to finish work so that we can spend some mother daughter time. She is a perfect outcome, after all my fear of failing subsides. Instead of continuing a safe and settled life that she had this young woman took the initiative to follow her dream of independence and test of strength and courage to experience LIFE in a foreign country. Now England is not so foreign to Australia but it is when you are born in Oz to European parents and know nothing else. Now although the UK is English speaking country it is different!

Arriving here for the first time ever is an eye opening experience, although I love it and there is so much history, it can be quite lonely. People are in a rush trying to get things done, go places, and be on time and simply hurry up to make the next pound. So even though they are curious they do not interact.

Walking around with the biggest smile on my face as people stare and I suppose they are slightly concerned as to ‘why’ be this weirdo so happy?

They have no idea of the pride, gratitude and sheer excitement I feel as I finally realize…I did it!

My baby girl will not be the submissive, unhappy and conforming girl that I was; her grandmother and great grandmother were also.

Her shared house is not what I expected and she may not have all the perks (things) she had back in Sydney but she has her independence and her own journey. She will never accept being second best or grow old with regrets. So I have done my job as a mum. I am now her best friend and her biggest fan, whilst I realize now it’s all about me xo