“Tell me and I forget, teach me and
I remember, Involve me and I learn!”

– Ben Franklin

Lipstick strategies have been Designed to Suit Every Stage of a Woman’s Life 

Not a Networking or Motivational Treadmill!

Lipstick Strategies is aimed at educating women to protect themselves in all aspects of their lives, whether physically or financially.

It seeks to achieve this goal through seminars, workshops, online training, mentoring and provision of personal services, with proceeds deployed to a social enterprise that will provide education and support for women and children from diverse environments.

Our primary objective is to empower females by re-wiring their mindset and teaching them to be truly independent and self-reliant by advancing their careers, lives & self-worth. The plan is simple; help women strip off the makeup, cleanse past experiences and habitual patterns, before helping them reapply the correct foundation, as they prepare their own unique style.

Being emotional creatures, women still fall victim to the abusive and unconscionable conduct of others, albeit personal or professional. So, we help them understand and make options available to the many issues they are faced with as women – even when these issues aren’t so obvious.

We help you understand the many issues we face as women that aren’t so obvious at times, and the options available. Understanding what you think you know and implementing that which you never knew.

With proven results and procedures we guide you in to the unforeseen possibilities that may be camouflaged by daily events. It is always better to have a seed of knowledge that will sprout when you need it!

We show you have to stop taking everything personally and always creating a positive rather than allowing words to offend. So be a ;

Physical &

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Lipstick Business Kit

Here’s an exclusive Business Make Up Bag that guides you through setting up a business and protecting your foundation from the very beginning to the very end. Giving valuable solutions for every occasion!

Work Shops

The Program is dedicated to informing you of the fine print we ignore – or perhaps do not read out loud. It will help you understand what you need to prepare so that you always have an identity in every situation.

Each Program is tailored around the specific hurt & pain you may be experiencing so that we can find the solvable strategy. Prevention, Procedure & Practices makes the Impossible Possible.

Sacha Burchgart

Sacha Burchgart is the founder of Burcheart, and the driving force behind our desire to get exceptional results for our clients.

Sacha’s passion for her family life and for creating a bright and happy future for her daughter, Mischa, inspired her to do the same for others. Drawing on her extensive experience in Financial Planning, Superannuation, Self-Managed Superannuation strategies and Wealth Protection, Sacha provides clients with proactive financial advice, financial management and education, encouraging them to take an active role in creating their own financial future.

Sacha holds her Diploma of Financial Planning. She is a certified Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Adviser, a member of the Association of Financial Planners (AFA) and the Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Association (SMSFA). She currently sits on the Affinia Adviser Council and has won the Affinia Chairman’s award in 2015 and the Affinia Practice of Year in 2016.