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We all want to be respected and we all deserve to live the life we want!

The past several years have seen women’s rights set back by the global economic crisis, the rise of religious fundamentalism, and a surge in political conservatism. Increasingly, women all over the world are abused, denied access to power, resources, information, and basic rights. The Diva Enterprises was created by the founder Melissa to improve the lives of women by advancing women’s rights, emotional protection, equality, and participation in decision making, particularly in areas where many have been left without a voice and without choices.

Women’s Assets Protection & Secure Financial Future for Women

The purpose of the Diva Enterprises is to help enhance the education and the collaboration of the efforts of all the community based services. Our goal is to provide women’s assets (themselves) protection, from emotional and financial to physical awareness eliminating potential for abuse. We believe by empowering and assisting females to gain independence in all areas of their lives, we will give back choices and create benefits for future generations. Eliminating Abuse. The Diva enterprise creates connectivity for individuals in need of outreach services that are multicultural and language specific by helping to connect with the community support they need.

Our team of experts contributes individual skills, abilities, finances and humility into the Diva concept to establish a framework that will generate a revenue stream. This will enable us facilitate our programs and projects that will form part of a greater social enterprise.


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Melissa Cuturich

Melissa’s entrepreneurial spirit and tireless enthusiasm for innovation and solutions are evidenced through her accomplishments and through helping create a series of successful companies and commercial ventures. Some still in progress and it is easier to ask what she doesn’t do!

After 27 years of working in the construction sector, from steel fixing in the cement industry and project manager to successful mediator and business consultant, Melissa is always looking for innovative and problem-unraveling solutions. Her persistence led her to the world of financial advocacy and giving back voices to those that have been silenced by fear and situations of diversity.

In 2008 she embarked on her own journey with the inception of Classique Solutions a business that was set up to help business owners and individuals avoid the need to engage administrators and receivers. Having a ‘been there done that’ qualification allowed her to empathize with her clients and many individuals she has assisted. Melissa offers an inherent ability to quickly understand and ascertain the best possible outcome and future blueprint to avoid habitual practices. By teaching as she goes she has quickly found herself to become a warrior against the unjust actions of others! Having worked with and against large blue chip organizations she has brought help to individuals in need of support. Her network is vast which has ultimately steered her to establishing DIVA Enterprises!

Apart from her fascination with of waste (Fly ash) and implementation of infrastructure in regional NSW, she has developed and tested a range of cementations products that are produced with the byproduct of coal, the one everyone rejects!! Participating at The World of Coal Ash Conference 2015 gave her more determination for not only change within the construction industry but also “Equality”
“It’s bloody hard to make people listen to you if you don’t belong!”

Diva – Not a Prima Donna but a talented woman that commands respect for a talent that she has worked hard to perfect and continues to do so!

As compassionate as she is tenacious, Mel supports a number of local and international charities and performed aid work in remote villages in Vietnam in 2010 and continues to do so. Her dream is to leave a Legacy and build a sustainable social enterprise. Our goal is to eradicate abuse of any kind and educate the future generations to embrace life and respect each other. BIG! Right? But possible!
Her eyes and persona conceal chapter upon chapter of stories untold and experiences beyond comprehension, each teaching her survival and skills that cannot be taught in schools and ultimately freedom.
Melissa is the author of ‘The Heart of Hope’ and ‘if I can anyone could!’

A speaker (she can talk under water, so she is in her element!) about protecting your most important asset- you! LIFE! And
The F’words that leave us going nowhere!

Creating a For Profit – Profit for Purpose Enterprise by uniting Divas to create the first ever, holistic estate to provide solutions to a growing epidemic.

“Sydney is the most iconic city in the world in my eyes and it is devastating that we have such a growing population of homeless women and children, escaping abuse, and so many that remain captive due to financial abuse. It needs to stop!”

Sacha Burchgart

Sacha Burchgart

Sacha Burchgart is the founder of Burcheart, and the driving force behind our desire to get exceptional results for our clients.

Sacha’s passion for her family life and for creating a bright and happy future for her daughter, Mischa, inspired her to do the same for others. Drawing on her extensive experience in Financial Planning, Superannuation, Self-Managed Superannuation strategies and Wealth Protection, Sacha provides clients with proactive financial advice, financial management and education, encouraging them to take an active role in creating their own financial future.

Sacha holds her Diploma of Financial Planning. She is a certified Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Adviser, a member of the Association of Financial Planners (AFA) and the Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Association (SMSFA). She currently sits on the Affinia Adviser Council and has won the Affinia Chairman’s award in 2015 and the Affinia Practice of Year in 2016.

Karina Lawrence

Karina Lawrence

Accomplished as a triple threat performer and choreographer, Karina has been involved in the casting for local commercials with Warner Bros. Village Theme Parks and live media crosses for the Today Show, Sunrise, Hit List TV, Getaway and shoots for the international dancewear range Global Dance. She has trained in the USA at the Broadway Dance Centre and Alvin Ailey School NY and appeared on NCIS Los Angeles. Karina lived in London, where she has performed with Kylie MinogueMadonna and Tom Jones. She was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Harry Potter 4 and performed at the Apollo Pails Theatre, including industry events throughout London. She was the dance captain and company member of the dance company Body of People under the direction of Dolly Henry and Paul Jenkins, performing a season at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London.

Karina has choreographed and produced many large productions in Australia, at venues such as, The Sydney Opera House, Fox Studios, The Domain, The Entertainment Quarter, Sydney Olympic Park, Jupiter’s Casino, The Seymour Centre, Royal Pines, The Sheraton Mirage, Movie World’s White Christmas and The Brisbane and Gold Coast Convention and Arts Centre. She has taught professional classes at London’s Dance Works Studios and the London Dance Studio’s as well as studio’s throughout Australia.

In Australia Karina has performed with Kylie Minogue, Human Nature, Margret Urlich, Marina Prior, Casey Barnes, Silvie Paladadino, David Cameron, Jane Scarli and Elle McFeast. Her film and television credits include Skippy, Mission Impossible, Out of Crisis, Unfinished Sky, Hey Hey It’s Saturday, The Today Show, Sunrise, The Cartoon Show, Toasted TV, Kids Helpline, including national and international commercials. Karina played Ermengard in the musical “Hello Dolly” and was the assistant producer to many corporate events with QLD Rail, The Sheraton, and The Brisbane Convention Centre. Karina was assistant choreographer to Angels Productions, Lumiair and Opera In The Park with McCormic International Productions. She has coordinated the entertainment for Curefest Australia, derived from Washington DC, supporting awareness for Childhood Cancer and assisted in Charity Events held at Luna Park, Sydney for the Special Olympic Dancers as their Dance Ambassador and the Focus on Ability International Film Festival with winner of The Voice Anja Nissen. Karina was the studio director of Zoop Performing Arts Studio for which she received a nomination and was a finalist for the Young Australian of the Year. She performed at the indoor stadium in Singapore with the local TV net work, Kids Central and has toured Manila, hosting “Dora The Explorer” with Nickelodeon. Karina continues to work as a guest teacher and choreographer, holding Master Classes and mentoring programmers at various studios throughout Australia and has taught for many fulltime studios over the years. She is a regular judge throughout Australia and New Zealand with many leading national and international Dance Competitions and is currently the director of Zoop Co. Entertainment, for which she producers, directs and choreographs for corporate and charity events, TV and film/fashion shoots. She is working in association with Diva Enterprises Pty Ltd in developing educational courses to empowering youth within the Performing Arts Industry. Karina is honored and privileged to be the Australian Director of the USA based Dancers Against Cancer Australia charity, in alliance with KAR (Kids Artistic Revenue) She has produced Dance For A Cause benefitting the charity and bringing together the industry for greater performance opportunities for which she is most passionate about.

Bhavini Mehta

Founder and CEO at Infinity Business Solutions, Founder and CEO at Publishbook.me

Bhavini Mehta is a new generation entrepreneur who believes in empowering and lifting people around her. She started her career at a very young age tasting the corporate culture, soon to realise that she was not made for it.

Bhavini is born in India. She received her bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Christ College in 2004 and an MBA (Finance) from AESPG Institute of Management Ahmedabad in 2006 . She began her career in banking with HDFC Bank Ltd.

A serial entrepreneur, Bhavini has founded multiple businesses including a loan channel partner company with HDFC Bank and
Kotak Mahindra Bank. Her current venture, Infinity Business Solutions is a shared services company serving clients across the UK, US, Australia, Canada and India. She has recently founded a self publishing company – Publishbook.me

She firmly believes that women can achieve all that a man can and much more, however there exists a difficult phase in every woman’s professional life when she decides to plan a family. Bhavini faced it herself too and that acted as a motivating factor for her to create a workspace that is conducive to all the women in that special phase of their lives. Her business focuses on employing work from home mothers and women students who need support in their further studies. “There is opportunity for everyone, you must be vigilant to grab those” is her mantra for life and her advice for all.

Maggie Webber

Maggie established her own marketing and management consultancy over 35 years ago, working with corporations and individuals, by providing a variety of tools to increase productivity, assist in stress management and to achieve a greater work/life integration.

1987- current: Managing Director & Founder of In the Zone (Australia) Pty Ltd

Meditation workshops and has taught over 2500 people both individually and in groups.   She has always had the ability to see ‘the big picture’. She has a true talent for combining the creativity and innovation of entrepreneurialism with a pragmatic, focused realism. Through her “3 Months to Transformation!” coaching programs, she mentors individuals – through one to one or group coaching programs – to identify their true passion, purpose and talents and to envision their own extraordinary future. She works closely with her clients to break their big goals down into bite sized pieces, and keeps them accountable at every step on their journey to achieve them. As a team, they ‘weave the dreams’ whilst building a realistic, practical and firm foundation to make these dreams a reality.

2013- Current: Pickwick Group Pty Ltd

As the National Business Development Co-ordinator, Maggie connects with companies within Australasia in order to create business opportunities for Pickwick Group’s Commercial Cleaning, Security, Height Access and Building Services Divisions. Maggie also offers coaching on customer service skills, working collaboratively, team-building, negotiating skills and inspiring career direction.

 2014- Current: Resilience Training & Development

Maggie has conducted Stress Management, Building Resilience and Personal Development workshops at places such as McGrath Real Estate and Holroyd City Council. For the last 3 years Maggie has done bi-annual Australia wide speaking tours, presenting on “Professional Communication Skills, as well as the course, “Stepping up to Supervision” for Business Seminars Australia.

2008: Acorn Training & Consulting

As a Business Development Consultant, Maggie offered a range of training programs to Local and State Government Departments in NSW and the ACT, for Acorn Training and Consulting and Macquarie Institute.


“Maggie Webber’s work is fresh, innovative and right-on for businesses struggling in this new environment. She won’t improve your business – she’ll show you how to revolutionize it! If you’re stressed out, uncertain or worried about your future, you need to find a new way and Maggie is one of the best new ways I’ve experienced”.

– John McGrath, McGrath Real Estate.

“Maggie Webber’s session made me think about how events at work or in life affect you and by thinking positive (glass half full view) that we as individuals can overcome obstacles. Some staff were so inspired they are completing the NLP scholarship in the near future. I would encourage any forward thinking organization to have Maggie come in and present to their staff.”

– Helen Connell, Manager Human Resources, Holroyd City Council

“Maggie is one of our finest teachers. Her dedication and commitment are truly infinite”

– Dr Deepak Chopra.

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