A brief on who we are

We all want to be respected and we all deserve to live a Life of Fairness & Choices!

The past several years have seen women’s rights set back by the global economic crisis, the rise of religious fundamentalism, and a surge in political conservatism. Increasingly, women all over the world are abused, denied access to power, resources, information, and basic rights.

Diva Enterprises was created by the founder Melissa to improve the lives of women by educating and providing resources to others. We all have a right to live with choices and the ability to make decisions in how we want to live our lives.

It is not about Feminism but equal opportunities and it is not another  bandaid, covering up the issues.

It is about having respect for one another and understanding.

A Diva is a Goddess and NOT a ‘Prima Donna’ “Knowing what you want and standing up for yourself shouldn’t be Labelled as a NEGATIVE. It is never WRONG to take responsibility and control over your ‘destiny.’

Divas that have Been There and Achieved MUCH. Deserving  RESPECT and who have removed the Lipstick colour and wear Clear Protection.

The Lipstick Symbol has always been perceived as a negative to some and not to others. What it was resembled the a make up to conceal the truth that was held within, it is now a clear protection to nourish and allow the voice to speak up. The Lipstick stands for a Future Reimagined where it will always be Safe to speak your truth 

Diva xo

The Ultimate DIVA Enterprises wish:


by educating women and giving them Life Blueprints, so future generations believe in themselves and have the choices many of us thought impossible.

Diva Family

Melissa Cuturich

Melissa’s entrepreneurial spirit and tireless enthusiasm for innovation and solutions are evidenced through her accomplishments and through helping create a series of successful companies and commercial ventures. After 27 years of working in the construction sector, from steel fixing in the cement industry and project manager to successful mediator and business consultant, Melissa is always looking for innovative and problem-unraveling solutions.

Sacha Burchgart

Sacha Burchgart is the founder of Burcheart, and the driving force behind our desire to get exceptional results for our clients.Sacha’s passion for her family life and for creating a bright and happy future for her daughter, Mischa, inspired her to do the same for others. Drawing on her extensive experience in Financial Planning, Superannuation, Self-Managed Superannuation strategies and Wealth Protection, Sacha provides clients with proactive financial advice…

Karina Lawrence

Accomplished as a triple threat performer and choreographer, Karina has been involved in the casting for local commercials with Warner Bros. Village Theme Parks and live media crosses for the Today Show, Sunrise, Hit List TV, Getaway and shoots for the international dancewear range Global Dance. She has trained in the USA at the Broadway Dance Centre and Alvin Ailey School NY and appeared on NCIS Los Angeles. Karina lived in London…

Samantha Halpern

Sam has been shooting ever since picking up her Dad’s Minolta as a kid in high school. Originally accepted to the prestigious National Art School to study painting, her love of photography quickly saw the paint brushes in the bin (she hasn’t painted since) and her chosen major was photography. She was then accepted to UWS and their state of the art digital imaging lab where she completed her Bachelor of Visual Communications with distinction in 2000.

We love to listen and we are eagerly waiting to talk to you.

“I feel truly blessed to have a DIVA such as Melissa in my life in so many areas. Just after one session Melissa helped me see a light and spark an excited energy of the possibilities I was able to achieve for my future in every area of my life.

She is an incredibly smart and inspirational woman, offering so many skill sets far beyond financial guidance and business strategies. Melissa’s skill sets open up in such a way that she becomes a life coach and allows you to see the many different variables and opportunities of achieving, that which we sometimes only feel is a dream, to an achievable possibility. I felt safe, motivated, inspired and empowered, that I could achieve all I needed to require to make my vision my reality. Melissa offers many extraordinary gifts and has certainly changed my life significantly, for which I shall remain forever grateful and blessed. She is a DIVA in every sense that brings out the best in a person and ignites their passions to live the life you truly deserve and can only imagine.

Her ability to take my own personal vulnerabilities and needs and only assist in mounding them for an even stronger and powerful future , is something that sets her aside from others. What a gift Melissa and DIVA is to anyone feeling a little lost in getting their life together financially, emotionally and physically. She reminded me of my own DIVA within and gave me the confidence, tools and advises to live that DIVA as a lifestyle.

Thank you so much Melissa for being the DIVA you are and in your passion to leave an imp active legacy in creating more and more future DIVAS.

Love you lady! Thank you just doesn’t seem to cut it!”

Karina Lawrence

I could use the old tag line “you have tried the rest now try the best” however if you are after Melissa’s help you may not believe me. That’s the problem because if you need Melissa’s help you may have become a non believer in humanity and goodwill.

Melissa has plenty of both of these attributes but more importantly you need her expertise in understanding your predicament and safely navigating a way through the rough waters . She is thorough in her ability and contacts in the industry to get you and your problems sorted to a satisfactory conclusion.

It may take time but if you work to help yourself and supply her with truthful factual information about your issues than I can speak from experience that she will try 100 % to gain you a satisfactory conclusion.

The sharks are all over the place but this lady is not one to run with the pack so follow her instructions , work through the nuances but most of all believe that confidential is her ace. If you are a self starter like myself, and through no fault of my own got into serious difficulty with one of Australia’s big banks it’s hard to just let her do her thing.

However if after going through your situation she accepts the sometimes insurmountable odds to help than be happy that you have cleared the first hurdle of getting back on your feet.

One thing I do know is that if she keeps her ability and contacts confidential, than you can rest assured your business is treated with the same respect. I strongly recommend Melissa as a serious gatekeeper to help and assist you if in need.

- Jim and Tricia

Melissa Cuturich has been one of the wonders of my life. An actor, / celebrity/ charity worker , my work has mainly aimed at benefiting many other people. Those like me who spend their life trying to help others, often, have really no idea how to master good financial outcomes for themselves, and feel overwhelmed and misunderstood in the real business circuit. Melissa had the tolerance, time and knowledge of how to help me to help myself. Melissa lights up the room and is completely enlightening providing comfort, understanding, strength and wisdom beyond anything I have ever known. Her own lives experiences, her pain and past challenges, physically, emotionally and mentally will captivate you and engage your attention. Calmly she will offer you the tools to help yourself to build confidence, accomplish your dreams, and overcome your fears. She will provide you with a full circle of understanding and empower you to recreate, nurture and transform your existence, no matter how hard the situation might be. Her address will offer you and others, the hope for conquering what you think is the unobtainable, reinforce your independence, and the courage to reach a serenity which you would think now, is the unbelievable.

- Paula Duncan AM